"A Seat at the Table" by Solange Knowles is widely praised for providing an honest lyrical depiction of the struggles, joy, resilience and hope that comes from being a Black person in America and a member of the diaspora throughout the Western world. The album tells a story and explores the historical experience of African-Americans and how they have impacted the present experience.

Solange ensures that the album would be a lyrical body of her history by producing the album in New Iberia, Louisiana. Solange moved to and created 'A Seat at the Table' as it was the home of her grandparents before they were forced to leave their home and escape the town. Solange coming back to connect with her roots and record her project was Solange's way of reclaiming the seat for those who passed and those who have yet to live.

From the very first song 'Rise' to the last song 'Closing: The Chosen People' Solange creates a storybook of the African-American perspective from a personal and historical standpoint.

The album opens with 'Rise' which acts as an opening introduction to the album. Rise is the first song that expresses a need to know where you came from to understand where you are coming from. To understand the trials and tribulations of your personal and historical experience in order to navigate the world, heal and grow.

By: Manisha C. ︎

All my mandem are hot,
But your mandem are washed