"Work Out" by J Cole was an attempt to make a commercial friendly song. It would become a highly successful lead single from his debut album, peaking within the number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and ultimately bringing the attention required to promote his album but unfortunately cost him some creditibitly amongst some hip hop purists. Following its release as a single, J. Cole received a phone call from his mentor, producer No ID. No ID told Cole that he was in the studio with Nas, and that Nas had told him that he hated the song "Work Out".

Cole was devastated upon hearing that, which made him write the tribute song to his idol, "Let Nas Down" the following year. Less than a week after creating and recording the song, Cole ran into Nas at a Houston airport at six in the morning boarding the same flight as him. As fate would have it Nas would be sitting right behind him on the flight, so right away Cole played the song for him. Nas felt honored by the song and was very impressed by it.

Shortly before the release of Born Sinner Nas began work on a remix to the song. On June 24, 2013 the song "Made Nas Proud" was released. Throughout the song Nas details the situation from his side and praises Cole, being understanding of the importance of having commercial songs.

By: Ade B. ︎

We gon' make it
We gon' make it, we gon' make it
We gon' make it