Editor’s Note

            Welcome to the latest issue of "READ ME," where we explore the vibrant world of art through the lens of black representation. In this special issue, we shine a spotlight on seven exceptionally talented artists who have made remarkable contributions to the world of art. I also spoke to Halal Kitty about her journey as a DJ and explored some of the things she’s up to now.

The reception of our previous issue, featuring the incredible DJs and the feedback we’ve received, has been really encouraging. I never would have thought that something that started as a conversation would have snowballed into a whole magazine, on it’s second issue might I add. It reaffirms the power of representation, and the belief that we all have a role to play in fostering inclusivity. Every issue is a reminder that when we provide a platform for diverse voices, we can inspire others to chase their  dreams, break down barriers, and create a moreinclusive world.


CREATIVE DIRECTION: @tilunitedkingdomcome @mayamothi PHOTOGRAPHY & EDIT: @mayamothi WRITERS: @wydsteph @tilunitedkingdomcome LOCATION: @claptontram GRAPHICS DESIGN: @tillunitedkingdomcome COLLAGE ARTIST: @blavdraws @mars_syzygy @criii.art_