If you’re one of our early listeners you’ll remember Ky going live on Instagram, engaging in conversations about everything that was happening at that time, especially the BLM protests. As time went on, we wanted to continue addressing the problem but rather than talking about what those problems were (and still are) we wanted to concentrate on trying to become part of the solution.

Using our platform to highlight black creatives, freelancers, businesses and everything in between. So this is how read me was born. An extension of the RELAX AND BAKE FM universe, READ ME is an e-zine that highlights black talent in a wide variety of fields. Representation matters, sometimes seeing people that you identify with being successful in their respective fields can be all the motivation you need to realise that it can be possible for you as well. To quote a line from an irrelevant rapper "The world is yours". My hope is that you read this and be inspired, pursue your dreams until they become reality.