Together We Climb:
       UK rap's titans Dave and Central Cee dropped the "Split Decision" EP, gaining millions of views, while UK collab albums face comparisons to US achievements. Future collaborations across genres are anticipated. Read more...

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       A genre of movies in the 1970s and 80s, showcased independent, proactive black characters, challenging stereotypes. With funk and soul soundtracks, it influenced modern film and empowered black communities despite some criticism. Read more...

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The Appropriation of Drag Queens:
        Drag ballroom culture, originating in the 19th century, faced racial tensions and white dominance. The 'House of LaBeija' emerged as a support system for marginalized queer people of color. "Paris Is Burning" documentary exposed the culture but was criticized for exploiting the participants without proper compensation. Read more...

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No such thing as a life that's better than yours.


Feminism in Hip-Hop:
       Hip-hop initially silenced women, but pioneers like Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill portrayed dominant, hyperfeminine images. Women's gender performance has since progressed. Read more...

By: Ronke B.

Chopped and Screwed:
       Chopped and screwed is a remixing technique popularized by DJ Screw in Houston. Slowing down songs and using techniques like skipping beats and record scratching, it created a distinct sound. The use of lean and the color purple became associated with this style. Read more...

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Why J.Cole Let Nas Down:
        J. Cole's song "Work Out" aimed for commercial success but disappointed Nas, leading Cole to write "Let Nas Down" as a tribute. Nas appreciated the tribute and later released a remix, "Made Nas Proud," understanding the importance of commercial songs. Read more...

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I’m out of town thuggin with my rounds
:Sexxy Red

Why Solange's A Seat at the Table Matters:
        Solange's "A Seat at the Table" is a highly acclaimed album depicting the struggles and resilience of being Black in America. It tells a historical and personal story, connecting with Solange's roots and reclaiming a seat for past and future generations. The album opens with "Rise," emphasizing the importance of understanding one's history to heal and grow. Read more...

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Lil Wayne’s ‘Don’t Get It’:
       Lil Wayne's album "The Carter III" is hailed as one of the greatest rap albums, featuring hit singles like 'A Milli' and 'Lollipop'. The standout track, "Dontgetit", tackles systemic racism and the prison industrial complex, remaining relevant today despite recent controversies surrounding Lil Wayne's stance on social issues. Read more...

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Fela Kuti and The Afrika Shrine:
        Fela Kuti, a renowned Nigerian artist, used his music and The Afrika Shrine as a platform to challenge corruption and political injustices. Despite government opposition, the shrine continues to honor Fela's legacy through events like Felabration. Read more...

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Some people think I'm bonkers, but I just think I'm free.
:Dizzee Rascal

Evolution of Album Art:
       In the digital streaming era, album artwork no longer serves as a sales booster. However, the creative effort put into CD and vinyl-era covers produced better designs. Here are some noteworthy examples from that era. Read more...

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I got royalty, got loyalty inside my DNA.
:Kendrick Lamar

The Changing Landscape of Major Labels, Are They Becoming Obsolete?:
       Signing with major labels was once seen as the pinnacle of success, but social media and independent artists have disrupted the industry. Major labels offered upfront money but compromised artists' income and creative control. Independent artists thrive by connecting directly with fans. Ownership and royalties play a crucial role, and self-made artists are gaining momentum. Major labels must adapt to survive in the changing landscape. Read more...

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